1936 Sparton Nocturne Console Radio


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This striking work was dramatically ahead of its time. Designed by Walter Dorwin Teague, it is one of the most distinctive radios ever created and is an icon of American modernity. It originally sold for $350 (the price of a new Ford car during the late 1930s) and was made for fashionable hotel foyers. Its velvety sounds, in fact, are far more sumptuous than those emanating from today%uFFFDs transistor radios.

It consists of a 12-tube receiver, a 12-inch electrodynamic speaker, a Viso-Glo tube with a tuning eye, a push-pull audio output, IRF and 2RF stages, and an adjustable IF bandwidth control, all installed behind a circular sheath of cobalt-blue mirrored glass. By rejecting a traditional boxy enclosure, the radio was intended to appeal to men, who supposedly would be enthralled by its futuristic form and space-age technology.

Whether you are a Radio Collector or an Art Deco Collector, this is the ultimate piece for your collection!

This Beautiful radio was acquired by it's most recent owner approx. 10 years ago and he immediately removed the original glass for safe-keeping and installed beautiful reproduction cobalt blue glass.

It has been on display in a private, very high-end static collection which includes some of the rarest Art Deco pieces to be found anywhere.


  • Set of original Cobalt glass in excellent condition with few blemishes
  • Set of reproduction glass (which is currently in the radio) which is stunningly beautiful and keeps the original glass from damage
  • Close-ups of blemishes to original glass are included in this photo catalog