Original Billy Goat Tavern Double Sided Sign Made Famous in SNL! - BG-1

Original Billy Goat Tavern Double Sided sign from the Tavern & Grille made famous by the "Not Ready For Prime-time Players" of Saturday Night Live.

"...In the 1978, Sam Sianis and Charuchas were immortalized by Saturday Night Live's John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Loraine Newman. The sketch was originally written by Don Novello (of Father Guido Sarducci fame) when he was an advertising copywriter in Chicago. John Belushi and Bill Murray knew the Billy Goat from their Second City days, and the rest is history. As a result, the Billy Goat Tavern achieved national infamy. When in Chicago, Don Novello and Bill Murray still come by and visit Sam and the Billy Goat staff and have their "Doublecheezborger"! "

This sign was hanging outside the tavern at the time that the famous sketch was conceived and has been in storage since the late Seventies or early Eighties, when they replaced the sign for one that reflected it's SNL fame. It was recently acquired from the original owners and is now available for purchase.

This is a very significant piece of Pop Culture and would be a great part of any collection!