This incredible and very rare jukebox is an almost unknown variation of the much sought after asymmetrical Art Deco Jukeboxes that Seeburg made in the 1930's. Not much is known about these jukeboxes as very few of them exist. This is likely the most sought after Deco machine that Seeburg ever made.

The model D varied from the Model C that most collectors have seen in the following ways - The Model D had a different sound system that utilized a two-way speaker system, with a tweeter and a woofer. Also the model D had a very primitive (even for it's time) control unit that was essentially a porcelain junction box that had all the circuits wired together inside. The volume control was also placed differently than that of the similar looking model C.

This particular jukebox has been painstakingly restored, bearing in mind all the while that originality, whenever possible was of utmost importance. The mechanism has been completely refurbished and speakers reconed, however the speaker baskets were left as original as they were in very good condition.

The amplifier has been completely rebuilt. This machine works and sounds as beautiful as it looks!

The pictures tell the tale here, but you have to be standing in front of this machine to truly appreciate the beauty of the asymmetrical Art Deco design of this machine. It is Art Deco to the Ultimate!!