Offered here is a very rare combination of Vintage Marantz Stereo Equipment from the apex of the Monster Stereo Age!

Featured in this collection are the following:

Marantz 6300 Direct Drive turntable - Considered to be the finest turntable ever made by Marantz.

Marantz 3650 Pre-Amp - Ultra Rare and extremely sought after amongst vintage audiophiles.

Marantz DC-170 Power Amp - Very rare, Beautiful and highly sought after Power Amp, featuring the stunning classic blue VU meters!

Marantz 2110 Tuner - Ultra rare and highly sought after, this tuner features a working oscilloscope as well as the class Gyro-Touch Tuning wheel.

Marantz 1020 Cassette Deck - Very nice, working two speed cassette deck that was considered state of the art in it's time.

Rack Mount Handles on all components!! - If you have been looking for Marantz equipment, you know how hard it is to find rack handles for your components. These handles are attached to each component and have never been rack mounted!

Marantz Factory-made Stereo Stand - This stand seems to have been designed to house the components contained in it, as the components fit perfectly in it and the flow of the stack is as it should be - perfect.

As you can see from the photos, all components are in near pristine condition. I have taken very detailed photos of each of the components so that you can get a feel for what this system consist of. If you require more photos than what are posted, please let me know and I will be happy to provide them.

All components have been recently serviced and are functioning as they should with the following exceptions:

3650 Pre-amp is permanently wired to the "On" position. The power switch went out of this unit a few years back and I was unable to obtain the correct switch, so I had the service depot wire the switch so that it is permanently in the "on" position. This has never been an issue for me because I have always had the unit connected to a remotely controlled power switch, allowing me to turn the unit off and on with a handheld remote. (I like that)

Marantz Stereo Stand has a broken piece of black laminate on the very rear, right bottom corner. It does not show from most angles, however this piece is easily replaced with a new piece of black laminate, commonly available from any big box store.

The stand is also missing the glass door and wire record dividers that were once part of the front bottom of the cabinet. It is my opinion that the original owner that I purchased this set over 20 years ago from had taken them out in order to accommodate other equipment.